Sync users and their HR information from SAP SuccessFactors toJira automatically

SAP Success Factors Connector for JIRA

Integration to SAP SuccessFactors

You can provide SAP SuccessFactors admin credentials to connect your Jira to SAP SuccessFactors. You can define the type of sync (automatic or manual) and decide the duration if it is a manual sync.

Define fields sync from HCM into Jira

You can define the fields for any employee that you want to seamlessly integration between SAP SuccessFactors and Jira

Map existing users in Jira or create new user

You can either map you current users in Jira with their SAP SuccessFactors ID or you can create a new user in Jira. This way you are defining the relationship between Jira user and SAP SuccessFactors user.

More details

  • Sync users from SAP SuccessFactors to Jira automatically
  • Connect existing Jira users to their HCM database
  • Pull HR information from SAP SuccessFactors into Jira
  • Show HR information like supervisor, location, cost center etc. on Jira issue
  • Manage these HCM information in Jira

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